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At the 2013 symposium, there were several issues we identified as a community that we felt should be addressed in the time period leading up to the next symposium in 2015. IDIS would be honored to serve as a facilitator for Duncan colleagues to come together and create these project committees to tackle these important issues.

Here are the suggested projects that need a committee to tackle:

1. Archiving Project: how can we share content in an appropriate, fair, protected, credited, collaborative fashion? How can we conserve materials for future generations? What are the parameters and protocols for use of archival materials?

2. Outreach: how can we reach out to and dialogue with other groups and communities? How can we increase more diverse participation in Duncan Dance in terms of gender, ethnicity, cultural background, etc. Can we make connections to other related dance and movement disciplines for partnerships and support?

3. Storm the Conferences (and Magazines)! This project committee would look for ways to present scholarly research and other informational and academic articles, papers and presentations at dance industry conferences (NDEO, Dance/USA, Dance Scholars, CORD, etc), as well as dance industry publications (Dance Magazine, Dance Research Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, etc). How can we facilitate Duncan Dance taking a more prominent presence in these outlets, and therefore in the larger dance industry?

4. Branding and Web Standards: how should we be identifying ourselves online? How can we guide the presentation of Isadora, Duncan Dance, and Duncan Dance professionals on the internet for maximum clarity, credibility, ethics, reputation, consistency and so forth? How can we raise awareness and respect for Isadora and Duncan Dance through online outlets?

5. Duncan Community Newsletter: a regular electronic newsletter featuring news on the Duncan community.If you are interested in serving on a committee for one of these projects, please reply to this email and indicate which project committee you'd like to work on. Please respond by Monday, December 2, 2013 by emailing the IDIS Organizing Committee: info@duncansymposium.com.

Once people have submitted their names, IDIS will send a group email to the people who volunteered to let them all know who is a part of the committee. It is our hope that each project committee will consist of a range of different lineages, regions and generations so that many different perspectives will be included.

The project committee will then organize themselves, begin holding regular meetings, set agenda items, keep basic minutes, do research, complete tasks, have conversations, etc as needed, and create a report or proposal to present to the larger Duncan community at the 2015 Symposium.

Some projects (such as the newsletter project or "Storming the Conferences") may begin before the 2015 Symposium, and may have a different structure.

Please note:These committees are open to ALL PEOPLE in the Duncan community, NOT just those who attended the 2013 IDIS symposium. Please forward this email invitation to other Duncan colleagues you think might be interested in serving on one of these project committees.

It is an exciting and inspiring vision that by coming together, we can tackle important issues facing the field of Duncan Dance! Your input and work on these project committees will be so valuable in taking Duncan Dance into the future.

Thank you for all your contributions to the field of Duncan Dance!


IDIS Organizing Committee

Meg Brooker, MFA Valerie Durham, MFA Jennifer Sprowl Cynthia Word, MFA


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