"Stoking the Flame:

Isadora Duncan Dance in London"

Isadora Duncan International Symposium

August 1-5, 2019 at The Place in London, UK


Call for Proposals for the 2019 Duncan Symposium


We are now accepting proposals to present at the 2019 Isadora Duncan International Symposium. Presentation at the symposium is open to all practitioners and scholars of Duncan dance and related techniques, including performance, choreography, repertory, education, research and scholarship, criticism, photography, visual and multimedia art and biography. The conference working language is English.

All attendees, including presenters, must register for the symposium. Early registration by March 30, 2019, is $200 for the full event. From April 1-May 15, 2019, symposium registration is $225, and after May 15, 2019, registration is $250. All sessions are open to all attendees. Registration is NOT transferable, and only officially accepted presenters will be permitted to present. Registration will open by March 1, 2019.

The proposal deadline is January 15, 2019.


The 2019 Symposium theme is "Stoking the Flame: Isadora Duncan Dance in London, 2019."  In August 2019, we gather in London to explore the city where Isadora and her brother Raymond spent countless hours dancing in gardens, studying ancient Greek art at the British Museum, and attracting the attention of  British artists and celebrities, including actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell, painter Edward Charles Hallé, and music critic John Fuller-Maitland. 

In London, Duncan honed the relationship between her dance and music, beginning the move away from literature and narrative and towards abstraction, a key modernist characteristic. Honoring this movement in dance from the literal to the figurative, we invite presenters to explore the following questions: How is Duncan's use of music innovative and how are we preserving, teaching, and developing musicality in Duncan's work? What is gained (or lost) in Duncan's move away from storytelling structure, or as Peter Kurth notes, "away from a dance that told something--a story or a poem-- toward a dance that rendered it?"* How are we working with musicality, abstraction, and symbolism in our current Duncan dance practices? What elements and principles of Duncan dance are we honing in our contemporary creative practices, and how can we stoke the flame for the future of Duncan dance?  
The symposium is an opportunity for Duncan dance practitioners, and practitioners of related techniques, to demonstrate their methods, share important experience and knowledge, and present research and scholarship to a wider international Duncan community. It is also an opportunity for both presenters and participants to learn from each other in practical, theoretical, physical and artistic realms.

In crafting your proposal, please address the symposium theme. We will attempt to accommodate as many presenters as possible. You may submit more than one presentation for consideration. However, the number of slots may be limited due to scheduling and facility availability. Presenters will be notified of proposal acceptance by March 1, 2019, and all presenters must register for the conference.

*Kurth, Peter. Isadora Duncan: A Sensational Life. New York: Little Brown and Company, 2001.  (61)

**Please note that the symposium is a context for exchanging ideas and soliciting feedback from peers in the field of Duncan dance. This is NOT a festival or a venue for producing performance work. All choreographic showings, including showings of original Duncan repertory, should be structured with a designated time to invite dialogue and reflection.